Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Life with Cats

Theo and I had a nice morning together- taking a couple of naps in the sun.

In the evening I went to visit my nephew Nate and his wife Jennifer. They have two cats- Abby a medium haired black cat that looks like a smaller version of Diego-san; and Arthur a wiry little fellow (just turned one) who has the pep and friendliness of Theo. It was a nice reminder that there are a lot of cats out there but I am blessed with the companionship of three who are as special as can be.


Unknown said...

Did the boyz detect that you had been cheating with other cats? I went to my brothers this weekend and they have two cats, I was thoroughly sniffed when I got home.

Dma said...

My boyz didn't seem to mind that I brought the smell of other cats into our home. As normal, they just went about reminding me that their dinner dishes needed filling. I think my nephew's cats were more interested in the smell of the boyz on my clothes as both Arthur and Abby made it a point to come over and check me out amongst the crowd of people.