Wednesday, April 04, 2007

One of Those Nights

After all the nice things I wrote about Diego yesterday...

Diego-san and I have had our moments ever since he moved in. He can just be so gosh darn curious, investigative, defiant, and stubborn. He gets into everything, good and bad and he can be relentless in his need to explore (and often times misbehave). Last night I caught him licking a dirty pan I had left on the stove. If there is one rule of the house it is the boyz aren't allowed on the stove. I don't want them jumping up while I'm cooking or while one of the burners is hot. This rule really only applies to Diego since I don't think either Thompson or Theo could make the leap up.

So I hollered at him pretty good and he ran down to the basement meowing all the time as if to say, "If you don't want me up there, don't leave dirty dishes lying around..." After I did the dishes and did some cleaning in the living room I searched the house to see where Diego was at. I found him sitting looking forlorn on top of my refrigerator. I couldn't yell at him even though I knew to get on top of the refrigerator he had to first hop up on the stove (which sits right next to the refrigerator) again.

Afterwards he went upstairs to my bed and when I went up there to work on the computer and watch some TV- he sat there facing away from me. He didn't ask to be combed like he does most evenings. And when Thompson and Theo chased each other around he didn't lift his head to look at all the commotion as is his nature. So I apologized for hollering and paid him lots of attention until he stopped sulking. He's hard to stay mad at.

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh - that is so funny - Diego giving you the cold shoulder : )

Isn't it amazing how they can get their point across? You can almost hear them muttering under their breath.