Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Over the weekend I changed my furnace filter. Turns out just in time because it's getting colder out again. Indeed we're supposed to get up to a half a foot of snow this afternoon.

Unfortunately I didn't get the filter in straight. One of the boyz had jumped up on the wash tub where I was keeping the filter and it got bent. So I put it in the furnace as best I could. Well, when I awoke this morning the house was freezing. I looked at my thermometer and it was 52 degrees in the house. Thank goodness that Diego was sleeping on my arm. He was providing about the only warmth I could feel.

I went down to the basement and fiddled with the filter until the furnace fired up.

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Unknown said...

Fifty two degrees! Yikes, that is a little bit too nippy for me. If it hadn't been for Diego you would have been frozen solid.