Thursday, April 19, 2007

Such Suppertime Enthusiasm

One of Diego-san's routines is one that he took up not too long after I adopted him. I empty the boyz' three litter boxes (one upstairs, two downstairs) right before I feed them dinner. As I'm cleaning out the upstairs litter box, Diego will go tearing down the stairs. He then rolls around the cement floor near the other two litter boxes. I go down the stairs, rub his belly, clean out the boxes while he takes his position at the bottom of the stairs. Right as I'm about to start climbing the stairs he'll go tearing upstairs towards his dinner dish. This is one activity Thompson has not taken up. Theo is curious why Diego does this and occasionally will run downstairs and run right back up, but usually just waits upstairs by his dinner dish.

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Unknown said...

You and Diego are very predictable, Thompson and Theo are probably sitting back laughing at your predictability : )