Friday, April 13, 2007


My sister is in town from L.A. She stopped over last evening before we went to dinner.

Theo, of course, greeted her at the door. He's very good about greeting everyone who visits and rubbing up against their legs. Diego-san usually also greets people. His is more a curiosity needing to see what has changed in his home. For whatever reason he didn't come out to see my sister- probably because he had just been scolded for trying to steal some of Theo's dinner.

Thompson used to run and hide underneath my bed. He's stopped doing that- probably encouraged that Diego and Theo have identified any dangerous person. He now runs up the stairs and stands at the very top. If I should happen to peer up that way I can usually see him up there and he'll cock his head as if to ask for permission to come on down. If it's someone's voice he recognizes he usually will make his way down to pay the visitor some attention.

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Unknown said...

Kellie is like Thompson. If she knows the voice she comes out and greets her visitor, if it is an unknown voice she runs and hides in my bedroom. What always makes me laugh though is that whenever the doorbell rings she runs at top speed to the door as if she is going to answer it herself, cracks me up. The Domino commercial with the doorbell ringing sometimes confuses her and she thinks its ours and is often confused why I won't open the door : )