Monday, March 31, 2008

Change of Seasons

We had our last curling match of the season. We lost. We fell behind early and staged a strong comeback and had a very good chance to win in the last end.

Next up is softball season. The boyz are much more helpful in assisting me in getting in shape for softball. That is because my upstairs hallway is long enough to throw a rubber ball from one end to the other. Theo thinks this is a wonderful game and he loves to fetch the ball for me. If he tires out Diego too will chase it. It actually is a good warmup for my throwing arm...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Brand New Trio

Nope that is not Theo. My friend A- is out of town this weekend so I'm going over to her house to feed her cats. This is Marcel. A- got Marcel a few months before I got Theo.

Marcel's eyes are closer together making him, in my eyes, look brighter than the spacey looking Theo. But from A-'s retelling of all Marcel's activities, I think he may give Theo a run for the money in the smarts department.

That's Bud, the newest cat in the house. He is A-'s fiancé's cat. Bud was the happiest to see me today, coming over to me after he was done eating, purring away.

Marabou is the queen of the house. She's a bit temperamental... I'll be petting her and she'll be purring and all of a sudden when she decides she has had enough she'll hiss at me...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Better to See U

Last weekend I broke my glasses. The frame had gotten more and more bent over time and I tried to bend it back into a better shape. SNAP! I broke the frame in two. I was able to super glue the frame back into one piece but I was working with the huge disadvantage of poor eyesight and even poorer precision hand/eye skills. So I ended up with a little bit of super glue on the lens. For two days until I was able to get to the eye doctor, I had to live with a smeared glob of glue in the bottom of my line of sight.

I got my new pair of glasses Wednesday. I wore them home and I don't think the boyz noticed the difference. That doesn't surprise me because they have witnessed an even more startling change during the summer when I shave my normally full head of hair doing my best impersonation of Kojak.

Last night I was watching some TV with Theo sitting on my chest and I looked down and he was looking at me with an even more puzzled look than normal. I think he was trying to figure out what was different but I'm not sure he quite knew. With the extraordinary high cost of a new pair of glasses I was pleased someone noticed the change. Thank you Theo.

Friday, March 28, 2008

What's Your Favorite Texture?

Today the boyz and I play everybody's favorite game, "What's your favorite texture?"

Theo: Loves to lick the faux silky part of the top of my blanket. If I don't cover it up he'll lick it until I pull him away.

Thompson: Loves to lick the condensation off the toilet bowl after I take a shower.

Diego-san Loves to lick the mesh part of my backpack.

I like the crunchy taste of my favorite nut, pistachios.

I thank the boyz for playing, "What's your favorite texture?"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Mission Statement

CNN had a story recently about all the pets out there who have their own blog. The story rightfully featured one of my favorite kitty blogs- Daisy the Curly Cat- a blog that is consistently clever, funny, and entertaining.

The story ends with the following quote: "McPherson offers this advice to would-be pet bloggers: 'Try to see the world through your pet's perspective,' she says. 'It's his or her blog, after all. If you want the blog to be from your own point of view, do your own!'"

Since this blog is about the boyz but I'm too mean to let the boyz blog themselves, I thought I'd provide a little history in my defense.

I began this blog over two years ago after my part-time gig as a newsletter editor/writer for a local music company ended. For twelve years I wrote a weekly pop culture oriented column for the newsletter. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. After losing that outlet I thought about taking a break from writing but after a few months I found I really missed having to write something. So I decided to start a blog.

I didn't want it to be my newsletter column part two but something completely different. And though I wrote a lot about the boyz in the newsletter (and their predecessor the late great Mr. Max) I figured my next big project would be to write the great contemporary children's book to go along with the classic three bears and three pigs. I'd write a fairy tale/fable about three special cats.

So this blog began with very little fanfare as just a place to jot down the daily activities of the boyz so when I finally got around to writing the great contemporary children's story, I would have plenty of background notes and adventures already chronicled making my project all the easier. (Making the project easier seemed important since I have absolutely no experience writing kids stories.)

I was surprised when someone actually found the blog and began reading it on a regular basis. Now that the audience seems to be up to a handful of people, I've just kept plugging away with the been there from the start notion that it is important to try to write something/anything daily. I'm not sure I'm gaining any ground on writing the great contemporary children's story but I'm happy I have found so many other wonderful pet related blogs out there along the way...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Self Entertainer

While the rest of us are in bed watching a movie Theo likes to sit in a far off corner on top of a box. To each his own I guess...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


There are many things Diego-san is good at. Lounging is certainly on his list of talents.

What I like about Diego as a lounger is that he's able to look perfectly comfortable just about anywhere he chooses to rest. And just as I'm admiring a new pose in a new location I'll look over again to see that he's moved to a different spot looking just as comfortable and relaxed as can be. He's made lounging an art form.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Patient and Polite Boy

When Theo or Diego want a drink out of the faucet, they have no problem letting me know. Theo in particular will cry and cry until I turn the water on. Diego tends to let out a bellow before he even goes into the bathroom and this is a signal to me that I'm supposed to follow him.

Thompson is a much more reserved water seeker. Often I'll happen to pass by the bathroom and see him sitting in the dark on the vanity. When I turn on the light he gives me a look of, "if it isn't too much trouble could you please turn on the water for me?" I'm not sure how long he generally waits for me but once the water is on he'll drink for a long time indicating that he was quite thirsty. After he is done drinking Thompson will sometimes sit there and watch the trickle of water swirl down the drain. It's almost as if he is trying to figure out where the water magically comes from and where it ultimately ends up going.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Thompson the Cat

One of the reasons I decided to keep the names Thompson and Diego that were given to them by their foster family was that both seemed unique. I had not heard of another pet with those names. Turns out there is another Thompson in this world. Thankfully, my Thompson isn't much of a biter...

The Cat Whisperer

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring is Here?

After a sunny and relatively balmy Wednesday and Thursday here, this was the scene looking out my work window yesterday.

Very pretty but very disheartening...

Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm not sure I know the real meaning of the word "frolic." I don't know if I've ever truly frolicked in my life. I'm guessing the closest I've ever come to frolicking was in kindergarten when they taught us how to skip and I went home and practiced my new move. I think my skipping in the backyard may have qualified as frolicking but like I said I'm no expert at true frolicking.

That said, Theo has this move he does when he is playing (which of course is about 88 percent of the time). He prances beside me down the hallway and at the same time tries to jump up and tag me on the side with his front paws. I wish I could get a picture of the move because it cracks me up when he does it. If it's not frolicking, it's what I picture in my mind when I hear the word "frolic."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

To Do List

Now that spring is arriving it's time to get to my list of things that need to be attended to around the house and yard. Technically a lot of those things could have been done over the winter but the excuse of spring cleaning acts as a motivator.

One of the tasks at the top of the list is having all the screens fixed that Diego-san tore a hole in last fall. I have to have that done before I open the windows. Today almost felt warm enough to crack the windows open a bit- it was 48 degrees driving home and it felt downright balmy with all the sunshine especially since it seemed like such a long winter. I actually did have my car windows down for much of my trip home.

I owe it to Thompson to get the screens fixed as the warmer weather arrives. He's my window boy and I'm sure he's itching for a sniff of fresh air. Fixing the screens means going to the hardware store to see if they have a thicker gauge of screen that can't be torn so easily by cat's claws while still maintaining an adequate level of transparency. There's a life lesson/analogy in there somewhere- something about finding the strength to not get torn up while still maintaining emotional balance- but I'm too tired to make the effort to figure that out...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hitting the Big Time

This past weekend, the boyz were featured on two different blog sites. I hope the fame doesn't go to their lil noggins...

Thompson: Scrapbook Limerick

Diego-san: Scrapbook Limerick

Theo: Scrapbook Limerick

Thompson, Diego-san, Theo, and I thank Karen Jo and Diamond for such nice recognition.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Leaping Kitty

Given yesterday's tale of Diego-san's leaping skills I thought today I would recount my all time favorite Diego leaping story.

First a little background. Diego loves the sound of running water. Before Thompson and Theo discovered the joy of fresh water out of the tap, every time I would turn on a faucet Diego would come tearing into the room and hop up on the sink and get his nose right by the trickling water. Now days often Thompson or Theo will beat him to the favored spot, but to this day Diego still pretty much refuses to drink water from a bowl. The sound of water just seems to fascinate him. On laundry day he loves to jump up on the washing machine and watch the water come rushing out into the wash tub.

A couple of years ago I was taking my morning shower when I heard the bathroom door open. "Geez," I muttered. "Can't a guy have a little privacy..." I apparently hadn't latched the door shut and one of the boyz was able to pry it open. I looked over and saw a shadowy black figure pacing on the vanity across from the shower and from the way he moved I could tell which boy it was and exactly what was on his mind. "He wouldn't dare," I thought to myself. But before the thought was able to form coherently in my mind, Diego did what I didn't think he dared. He tried launching himself from the vanity over the glass shower door and into my shower.

Luckily (I guess) he didn't crash into the door but was able to get his front paws over the edge of the door. And so he hung from the top of the door unable to pull himself over. Without my glasses he was just this big black eclipse of a figure. I too wasn't strong enough to pull him over so he hung there for a few second dangling. I opened the door slowly but he fell off.

Ever since that day I've double checked to make sure the bathroom door is securely shut before I get into my shower...

Monday, March 17, 2008


I learned that if there is one thing worse than leaving Diego-san alone, it's ignoring him when I am around.

Yesterday afternoon I was working on my computer, and he circled my chair meowing indicating that I should stop what I was doing so he could hop up on my lap and have my undivided attention. I kept working away so he plopped down behind my chair and lay belly side up indicating it was time for a big ole belly rub. I still kept typing away. The next move wasn't so easy to ignore. He leaped up on my back, digging his front claw into the back of my neck and both his back claws into my lower back. I'm not sure my reaction was what he was shooting for however as I stood up and screamed. I don't think my response was an overreaction. I think most humans would scream when they are stabbed in the neck and back with razor sharp objects...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Boyz's Comedy Hour

It appears that during my absence the boyz had a meeting to discuss what could be done to prevent me from leaving them alone again for an extended period of time. Someone came up with the idea of working on being funnier.

Yesterday I went upstairs and found Thompson in the middle of the room staring off into space. I sez to him, "How's this boy doing?" And he immediately looked behind him and then back at me as if to say, "You talking to me?" I laughed and laughed...

Then later on I went downstairs and finally got around to unpacking my suitcase that was full of the week's dirty clothes. Diego-san of course had to hop into the suitcase as soon as it was empty. He spent several minutes inside and when he finally got out, Theo's curiosity was too much so he too had to hop inside the suitcase to see what Diego found so special about the enclosed space. As soon as he was inside and out of sight Diego went and stood by the bag and Theo suddenly popped his head out like a jack in the box. He startled Diego and I swear Diego jumped about two feet straight up into the air. Again I had to laugh and laugh...

It's good to be back with my boyz....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Clean as a Whistle

Theo had his annual vet visit yesterday morning. He's a healthy boy that has gained just about a pound over the past year. He now weighs around 12 pounds.

He was quite vocal on the car ride over and the car ride home. The vet's office asks for a sample from the litter box so I greeted the front desk person with a 'bag o poop.' I thought it a bit amusing that when the office called me in the afternoon with the results, the tech asked for "Theo's owner." That's really not the name I prefer and I'm not sure Theo would approve of it either...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Home for A While

Who is that guy? He looks familiar... Where's he been? And most importantly, doesn't he see our dinner dishes are empty?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Continuing Tale of Two Homes

I had a meeting near my house yesterday morning so I was able to stop in and visit the boyz. All seemed peaceful. After my meeting I returned to eat lunch at home.

I enjoyed my time again with Kurbie and Torii. I think they miss their mama though...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back at the Ranch

Got a report from A2 on her visit to feed the boyz. She reported that one of them mistook the living room couch for the litter box. Different levels of the house, different texture, different just about everything. I'm not saying I have a suspect (Diego) and I wasn't too happy to hear A2's report (see yesterday's post). Oh well our life returns to normal starting tomorrow and I shouldn't be gone again until a few days in July...

Cooped Up and Already to Go

Arrived at M-'s house and Kurbie and Torii were full of pep and energy. It got up to 40 degrees yesterday afternoon so Torii in particular wanted to chase squirrels in the backyard...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Dreaded Suitcase

As soon as I pulled out my suitcase yesterday Diego-san became alert and wide-eyed. He actually delayed my packing by hopping inside the suitcase. He apparently didn't want this documented however because as soon as I grabbed my camera and headed back to him he hopped out of the suitcase and ran downstairs.

I'm really not sure why Diego seems to take my absence much harder than the other two boyz. All I do when I'm around is provide food, entertainment and occasional warmth. The biggest thing may be Diego demands a clean litter box and that of course doesn't happen as often when I'm not there.

Monday, March 10, 2008

DS Part Deux

Who says it's not hard to leave these guys alone (again) for the next few days...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Doing the A-

My friend A- does a great imitation of this Thompson maneuver. Thompson likes to lie on the floor, raise his lone front paw above his face and roll back and forth. Of course A- calls it "Doing the Thompson" but the move by whatever name makes me smile.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is Anybody Home?

I had a dental appointment yesterday. The hygienist greeted me by asking, "How is your mouth?" The question somehow caught me off guard. I almost responded, "Fine... how is yours?" which probably wouldn't have been appropriate.

Friday, March 07, 2008


I'm back home for the next few days before I return to finish up my dog sitting duties.

I'm always surprised that when I return from an absence that Diego-san is the one who seems to take the change the hardest. Today was no exception. He snubbed me all of the afternoon, refusing to sit on my lap or for most of the time even refusing to be in the same room as the rest of us. Tonight he even cut short his combing session. He's either mad I left him "alone" or he's mad I returned...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Report from the Home Front

A2 emailed me and told me that her first day of feeding the boyz went well although she called Diego "Theo" which he apparently responded to. I'm surprised he didn't hiss and spit at her for the faux pas. She said Diego/"Theo" was extremely friendly and curious. I guess those traits survive no matter what name he's called.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dogs and Cats

As Kellie the Orange Cat noted yesterday in a comment, it's not really fair that I leave my boyz for someone else to take care of as I'm taking care of someone else's dogs. Unfortunately the dogs' human, M-, has a hard time finding someone to take both her dogs when she goes on her annual trip to Mexico mainly because the younger dog Torii is so full of energy and mischief. Torii needs constant supervision and he can be more than a handful. But he's such a sweet dog that I don't mind spending time with him. Of course I know I'm shirking my own duties by leaving my boyz alone but they do much better in a nonsupervised setting than Torii (and Kurbie) do. (Kurbie is in front, Torii is in the back in the picture.)

P.S. It was Torii's birthday yesterday so when I got over to the house I was sure to sing him happy birthday and give him a snack. He seemed quite pleased with the extra attention although I think he might have been just as happy with the snack and not my warbling.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another Absence

My dog sittin duties begin tonight and as this picture shows, the boyz are none too happy. I'll just be gone a couple of nights this week and a couple more next week with trips home inbetween.

This time around the boyz have a new food person coming by to fill up their ever important dinner dishes. A2 was the late great Mr. Max's all time favorite person but she has only met Diego-san and Thompson once and hasn't met Theo yet. I know they will like her a lot. She has a very calming presence.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Thompson's New Treat

Last summer a boy scout came to my door selling some stuff so his troop could go somewhere. I bought some popcorn from the young lad figuring it was a canister of popped popcorn. My bad... it turned out to be unpopped popcorn and in this day of microwave popcorn convenience, I was no longer an owner of a popcorn maker.

So a couple of weeks ago I finally found a cheap air popper. I've been enjoying popcorn snacks ever since. Of course with all the commotion, noise and smell, the boyz are interested in how this new activity applies to them. Thompson however is the only one who has been willing to sample the end product. He'll eat two or three kernels being pretty particular on what ones meet his inspection criteria. I usually put a handful down for him and he'll then happily munch down the ones he wants to. The smell must not appeal to either Diego or Theo because neither one has sampled the goods.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


This strip seems applicable to my own home situation because we have a toilet that won't stop running so I have to turn on and shut off the water every time it is used... My plumbing skills are below rudimentary...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

How Does He Do That?

Diego-san's investigative/ observational skills are admirable. Seems if I rearrange a room, or move anything in that room to another spot, he'll immediately notice and will go over to investigate further.

I ordered a new carrying case for my iPhone (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my iPhone?) and it came with a thin piece of plastic to put over the screen so you don't have to keep wiping fingerprints off the glass (the most annoying thing related to the iPhone). I put the plastic on the glass but I got it on crooked so I decided to take it off. I put the thin piece of plastic inbetween pages of a newspaper and went my merry way.

I came back to find Diego had spread the newspaper all around the living room and was sniffing at the piece of plastic. I was amazed that since he hadn't seen me struggle with putting the plastic on my iPhone screen that he had any idea the newspaper was any different from when he was last in the room...

UPDATE: Theo jumped up on to the kitchen table to help me sort the mail out!