Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Pal Alex

I called and chatted with my friend Alex who lives in the city of San Diego. Her house is OK and not in any immediate danger of the fires that are devastating that area.

We had a really nice chat, catching up on the many changes in our lives. Alex and I have remained in contact over the years even though we were friends for only a short time when she lived here many many years ago. I visited her in Washington DC over a decade ago and then again in San Diego a couple of years ago. I am very glad we have remained in touch. She is one of the people I've encountered in my journey that I really do admire the most. I was touched she remembered the names of the three boyz- even though she has never met them. I was glad to hear over the summer she took in a stray cat (Tinkerbell) from her neighborhood adding a playmate for the mysterious Mousaka who I got to meet when I visited Alex in San Diego.


Daisy said...

I can tell Alex is a good person just because she took in the stray cat, Tinkerbell. This proves she is nice.

Unknown said...

Tinkerbell is a very nice name for a cat. I am glad the Alex, Tinkerbell and Mousaka are safe from those terrible fires!