Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Back home. The boyz seemed glad to see me. M- drove me home from the airport and despite his obvious affection for her, Thompson was clear that the first order of business was getting fed.

I think the boyz may have missed me or at least missed our routine. I was lying in bed watching TV and Thompson came charging down the corridor. Usually he pauses at the side of the bed before jumping up but this time he hopped right on to my chest from his full sprint. He then demanded a face rub.

Diego-san spent most of the evening right by my side after getting his, 'I wanna be combed... NOW' demand met.

Theo wasn't sure what to do so he ran up and down the stairs.

The house seemed no worse for the wear- Thompson did rip apart a box top leaving tiny bits of card board all over my bedroom.

Splendid trip- more on that later.


Daisy said...

Of course the boyz missed you! And the routine, too.

Unknown said...

I'm sure the boyz missed you and the routine very much. Routine is so important in our lives, I don't even like it when my Mum is home an hour late from work!