Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What the %$#@ is This About?

Theo has in the last month or so developed the annoying habit of going into the bathroom and knocking my toothbrush and the toothpaste container into the sink or on to the floor.

This started when I was away dog-sitting- I came back home to find my toothbrush lying on the living room carpet. For sanitary reasons this was a bit disconcerting- not only because the toothbrush was on the ground but because to get there it seemed likely that one of the boyz had the bristles in his mouth at some point. I of course had no idea which boy was responsible or the events that led to the new home for my toothbrush.

Ever since I've been back home however the culprit became very clear. If I leave my toothbrush on the ledge above the sink (its traditional spot), Theo will climb up and knock it either into the sink or on to the ground. I have taken to putting the toothbrush into my medicine cabinet - but sometimes I forget and I'll end up hearing Theo's high pitched meow a sure sign he's up to no good. That no good is usually about this new habit. I'm not sure how to break him of this habit- I tried scolding him, reasoning with him, and assuring him that the toothbrush was OK on its ledge- that it really didn't need to be on the floor.

I eventually ended up closing the bathroom door. Nothing seems to reassure Theo and so I'm trying my best to remember to put my toothbrush and toothpaste out of sight.


Unknown said...

That picture of Theo just cracks me up - he looks guilty as charged. Maybe Theo has started brushing his teeth.

I also keep my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet after finding Kellie chewing on the bristles one day. Now, I give her an old toothbrush to chew on - which is usually in her toy box, but has occasionally been found in the middle of the living room when guests arrive : )

gottagopractice said...

Amazing sometimes what catches their imaginations.