Friday, March 23, 2007

Off in Our Own Worlds

Last night everyone in the household seemed content to be off doing his own thing. Thompson was sitting in his favorite window- the main level bedroom's window that overlooks the backyard. Diego-san was in the basement doing who knows what and Theo was in the living room resting on the couch. He seems to be doing better- less sneezing still some sniffles.

I was upstairs on the computer. Today it's supposed to get back into the 60's so I'll be able to open the windows. This will of course make Thompson very happy and hopefully will help Theo with the needed fresh air in the house.


Unknown said...

Oh, how cute - each of you guys in your own favourite spots!

I'm glad to hear Theo is feeling/looking a bit better.

Our weather isn't supposed to be that great this weekend, I believe we are supposed to have a high of 5 celsius (about 40 Farenheit). Kellie and I both eagerly await warmer weather!

Unknown said...

Hey - I just realized Diego is in that picture with Thompson! He is like a camouflage cat : )

Dma said...

Yes that's Diego's moping posture. I took that picture a while back and it looks like I must have scolded him for something.