Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Am Me

One of the benefits of living in a multi cat house is that I get a daily reminder that each cat has his own personality. Sure they all do things that felines are known for- letting their curiosity get the best of them being one prime example- but each has his own quirks.

One of the things that makes Diego-san different than any cat I've ever met is when he needs attention, he expresses this need by climbing up your body and getting right in your face. He isn't shy about choosing the person either- he does this with people he's only just met. While I've seen other cats express the need for attention- Diego is the only one that I've seen who takes such drastic steps (literally) to fill this need. This combined with his otherwise stubborn independence (certainly present in every cat I've seen with the possible exception of Theo) makes Diego a wonderful housemate.

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Unknown said...

I love pictures of Diego - you see black and then these great big amber eyes - what a sweetheart!