Friday, November 17, 2006

I Am Me

Being a multiple cat house person I'm constantly amazed at how every cat (every animal for that matter) has its own personality within the species' spectrum. In other words Diego, Thompson, and Theo are all very unique individuals and yet everything they do easily falls within what is expected of cats (combinations of aloofness and neediness; curiosity and dependence on a routine; gracefulness and clumsiness...)

If I were to list all the things I would expect a cat to be like Diego would come close to matching that description. That said, he does have such a unique personality. He's definitely the leader of the trio- the other two like to follow him around and do whatever it is he's doing. That also might be why he's the one who most likes his alone time. My relationship with him has clear boundaries: he loves to be held but only for a finite amount of time; he knows the things that will get him in trouble and yet he has to do those things on occasion just to show his independence.

He's a very handsome cat- yet his paws and his tail seem out of proportion (being so large) from the rest of his frame. He's been great with Thompson- somehow knowing that Thompson is a little different from other cats and thus needs more tolerance and patience. Diego and I have had our battles (my ripped up furniture is a natural reminder of this) but at the end of the day when he comes up and begs to be combed- that's my favorite part of just about any and every day. His charm works.

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