Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey Little Rock Star

I went to hear Lucinda Williams at First Ave. She played in sequence all the songs from her new CD, "Little Honey." For the second straight concert I got there early enough to stand right up next to the stage. This time I was slightly off to Lucinda's left about four feet away. She uses a music stand that has a book of all the lyrics and this was also to her left so she kept having to look down my way.

She screwed up the duet on the new song "Jailhouse Tears." On the CD the male part is sung (with great gusto) by Elvis Costello. In concert her lead guitarist Doug Pettibone took the part. When they got to his first verse Lucinda sang it and then quickly realized her mistake. She stopped the band and was visibly upset because the concert was also being webstreamed. They tried it three or four more times and she kept screwing it up and you could see her mood deteriorating. They finally got it right and it took her a few more songs to warm up to the audience again.

Her second set featured two songs from each of her other albums. All in all a very fine concert by one of our best singer/songwriters.

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