Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Went to the second cool concert of the week: Liz Phair who played at First Ave. Liz played her entire superlative 1993 CD, Exile in Guyville, song for song. I stood right up next to the stage with the bass player about three feet in front of me and Liz about ten feet to my left. It is always a tad weird standing so close to the performers that they can look you in the eyes and I was sort of glad I never did once make eye contact with Liz. I think I would have blushed.

It was a bit odd being at a concert knowing exactly which song was coming next. But Guyville remains one of my five favorite CDs of all time and it is one work that actually made me think when it was released I understood women just a little bit. I was probably fooling myself though. In truth, I understand women about as well as I understand kitties.

The highlight of the show came during the encore when Liz played a song from her new CD that is supposed to be released sometime this fall. It was a bluesy song with a refrain about ding dong the witch is dead and rock and roll survives. I quite liked it and it made me excited to hear all her new songs.

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Gizmo said...

Mommy says she wishes she could have gone. She likes to go to those loud music things. But, her and daddy just don't get the time to anymore because of the beans.