Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Unusual Day

Over the weekend my friend M- gave me her old oven/stove which happened to be about 30 years newer than the one I've had since I moved into my house.

Today I arranged for a junk company to come and haul away the old stove. So I took off a little early from work and when I got home my dad was over with the furnace guy to give my furnace a tune up. None of the boyz was in sight so I did a search and found Thompson underneath my futon frame. I couldn't find either Theo or Diego but 15 minutes after the furnace guy left they both came sauntering upstairs. Apparently Diego had to supervise the work and Theo tagged along.

The boyz thought all was normal then the junk company guys arrived and hauled away the oven/stove. All three boyz went back in hiding. At night I went and got a new TV for the newly remodeled basement and they got to hear some cursing as I had some trouble setting it up.

All and all a very exciting day.


Parker said...

New things and new smells - the boys are going to have fun with all of the inspecting!

Daisy said...

At my house, the only thing we use the oven for is frozen pizza.

Gizmo said...

Yay you guys gots lots of new things to sniff and inspect! Jealous=Me!!!

MoMo said...

Lots of new gadgets to sniff and explore. Does that mean roast dinner is on the menu?

Ana said...

There are a lot of things going on in your house... no wonder the boys have to sniff around lots ;-)