Saturday, October 11, 2008

Star Tribune 10/10

By PAUL WALSH, Star Tribune

The Animal Humane Society in the Twin Cities is overrun with cats and says that if many of them are not adopted soon "the hard decision" about putting them down will have to be made.

"In September alone, we averaged 76 a day coming into our shelters," said Deb Balzer, spokeswoman for the society, which has locations in Golden Valley, St. Paul, Woodbury, Buffalo and Coon Rapids.

"We're about a 1,000 more this year" than at this time last year, Balzer said this morning, adding that the society is more than 6 percent ahead of its 2007 pace for taking in cats.

"If we don't get the help we need, we will be forced to make the hard decision," she said. "We don't want to put down these cats because of space.

"If you ever thought about getting a cat, we need help. We're not talking about next month. It breaks our heart."

Prospective adoptive families should expect to pay about $80 for a cat. That includes either spay or neutering, vaccinations and a microchip ID tag. The cost for a more desirable breed could run up to $150, Balzer said.

For more information, visit the society's website at or call 763-522-4325.


MoMo said...

This is so sad. I sure hope none of the kitties will be put down.

Parker said...

What Momo said. It is heartbreaking.

Daisy said...

That is a very sad story.