Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've looked hard to find some 'alone' time for Theo and I. Both the other boyz have carved out a regular time for my undivided attention.

For Diego-san it comes first thing in the morning as I'm drinking my coffee and reading the morning newspaper. He likes to hop up on my lap and often tries to climb right to the top of my head. He also has time alone with me when I first go upstairs to get ready for bed. This is his signal that it's time to be combed.

For Thompson, his special time with me is right as I hop into bed. I usually watch a little TV so I'm half sitting up and half laying down. Thompson takes this as his signal to come over and hop up on my chest to get his face rubbed.

About a month ago, Theo and I found our time. It was when I came home from work and brought the mail in and over to the kitchen table for sorting. Theo would jump up on the table and rub his face into my arms. Unfortunately yesterday as he was doing this he missed his jump and hit his face against the side of the kitchen table and scampered away. Today as I brought in the mail he stayed on the ground not even attempting the jump. I hope he doesn't give up trying because 'our' time was one of the small moments of my day that I've really come to look forward to.


Karen Jo said...

Poor Theo. That must have both hurt and scared him. I also hope that he tries again to get his alone time with you.

Daisy said...

Oh, I am sad that Theo had a little accident during his special time. I hope he can regain his confidence so he can enjoy his special time again.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

You could always try picking him up until get gets his confidence back, or perhaps offering him a treat to try to make the jump again.

Robert Zemeckis said the same thing about Beowulf until he read Gaiman and Avary's screenplay treatment. Gaiman said that when Beowulf was first written down the only people that knew how to write were monks, so they think that the monks edited certain things out because...well...they were monks. So Gaiman and Avary went back and put what they thought was missing back in...mainly the fornication part and why Grendal wouldn't fight Hrothgar. And then they chanced a few things to make it cinematically feasible. So it actually turned out to be a pretty good tale.

Bean's main comment was because of the motion capture animation, "I've never seen such a bunch of clean viking in my entire life." I'm not sure how many vikings she's really seen, but then she probably worked in a mead hall as a teenager.

Denise said...

Poor Theo, he's still kind of a lovable klutz. His sweetness of spirit and innocence is so dear.