Thursday, June 05, 2014

Not Always Appreciated

I'm sure the boyz would agree living with me is a hoot, one big party after another... That said, I'm not sure they always appreciate my lone redeeming personality trait- my sense of humor.  A good example? I was driving home the other day behind a, shall I say, erratic driver. The driver who was talking on his cell phone, wasn't adhering to staying in a lane, wasn't using turn signals, and was going much slower than the rest of the traffic. I was getting a little agitated and when the driver came to a complete stop for no apparent reason, I tried to let fly my true feelings.  I changed the word I hurled at him in mid-thought... I originally was going to say "moron" but decided to switch to "idiot." Unfortunately the word that came out of my lips was "midget." This really seemed an inappropriate put down but I had to chuckle.  I shared this story with the boyz when I got home but they apparently didn't see any humor to the story.


The Island Cats said...

Diego-san is more interested in the sun puddle. And we don't blame him. ;)

Shaggy and Scout said...

Ho hum. Another boring day coming home from the office. Mayhaps you could consult them for some more creative words to hurl...kitties are infinitely creative as we all know.