Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Another Milestone

This is our blog's 3000 post (and all of them have been witty, clever and well thought out of course). If you would have told me when we started out all those years ago that we'd hit number 3000, I would have laughed uncontrollably for days thinking I wouldn't make it past 25. I'm just thankful the boyz have remained relatively healthy during this time and that they provide daily reminders of how lucky I've been to have such great housemates.

The boyz and I do want to send out our most heartfelt thanks to all those who have read the blog over the years and particularly those of you who continue to do so (for who knows what reason).  We really never expected to have any readers, just started the blog on a lark with the goal of having a mechanism available to force me to write something on a regular basis. 


The Island Cats said...

Wow, that IS a milestone! Congratulations. We sure enjoying reading about the boyz. :)

Bulldoggrrl said...

Congratulations - I enjoy reading on a daily basis, even though I rarely comment. The boyz are beautiful!

Katnip Lounge said...

Holy canolli! That's a spicy meatball...we mean...that's alotta posts!

ConCATulations and may your well of witticisms never run dry.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Happy 3000 posts!!!!!
I enjoy coming by and reading what you & the Boys have been up to!