Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gowee Homee, Gowee Homey

My dog sitting days are over. Kurbie and Torii's regular caretaker got back in town early this morning. Torii tore upstairs to see her (2 a.m.) with such enthusiasm that it made me think that he thought I was rather boring. While she lavished Torii with lots of attention Kurbie waggled on over to me and gave me a kiss. I was actually rather touched.

My own boyz were a tad surprised to hear me come home (4 a.m.) They didn't know what to do. Theo wanted to snuggle and couldn't stop purring. Thompson ran to his food dish but ultimately came over and wanted his neck scratched. Diego-san bellowed, ran to the sink, watched the water flow, bellowed some more and eventually sat with his back to me looking out into the dark.

Kind of glad to be home where things are back to the routine (things are never normal in the home for wayward kitties).

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