Friday, February 17, 2006

And Down the Stretch They Come

About the only exercise I get these days is racing the boyz up the stairs. This particular routine started with Diego-san (as so many do). Theo quickly caught on, and Thompson joins in every now and again.

Two summers ago I had the attic of my house finished into a bedroom/bathroom. The 12 stairs are fairly steep. When the upper wing was brand new, every time I'd start the ascent upstairs Diego would go tearing on by me. When Theo joined the fold he made it a point to beat both Diego and me up the stairs. Now whenever I need to go upstairs I do so nonchalantly, not wanting to let the boyz get a head start. As soon as I hit that first stair I run as fast as I can. No matter where they are in the house Theo and Diego will try to be the first ones upstairs. It's like they are either playing for pride or they think there is some big treat awaiting for them on the other level.

Diego's gate is much more graceful. He'll even skip stairs on his dash upwards. Theo's style is more workmanlike but his diligence often pays off. He's often the winner.

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