Monday, February 26, 2024

Kenta’s Friend

Kenta’s favorite toy is the brown furry thing that he carries all around the house in his mouth. Wherever I find it I bring it upstairs and place it in different spots so Kenta too has to find it again. And he always does. We’ve had the toy for many years but none of my housemates have ever had any interest in it. When Kenta began playing with it, I wasn’t sure what it was but guessed opossum. Then I Googled what opossums look like and they look nothing like Kenta’s toy friend. So I started calling it his porcupine. Recently I ran across the picture of a hedge hog and I think that’s what it is. Meanwhile for some reason I started asking Kenta where his kangaroo was, which makes no sense. But it’s stuck so somehow Kenta’s toy is now his kangaroo.


1 comment:

Mickey's Musings said...

Purrrsonally, I like the sound of kangaroo better ;)
Then you can ask Kenta "where's the roo "
Purrs Winnie