Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Diego-san's Lil Sister

Diego has a little sibling. There's a black cat with a fluffy tail that loves to lie in the middle of my neighbor's backyard. I don't think the cat belongs to my neighbor so he/she is wandering over from somewhere in the neighborhood.

Every time I get home and see this cat my heart skips a beat because I think to myself, "Diego has finally figured a way to get out of the house..."

This lookalike is quite a bit smaller than Diego however. One evening when I was doing my dishes I looked out the kitchen window and this cat was slinking up towards the house. He/she didn't appear to see me so when I tapped on the window it just about jumped 50 feet in the air. I don't think it's been back in my yard since- instead taking up its "residence" in my neighbor's yard. I also don't think Diego-san has seen his lil sibling yet which is probably a good thing- he doesn't need to be tempted to go outside for any reason.


Daisy said...

My Mommie said she would be scairt too if she saw a lookalike cat on the Outside!

Unknown said...

Diego has a mini-me! I can imagine it would be scary to see a cat you think is Diego-San wandering around outside. My Mum just cringed at the thought.