Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Sign

When David Letterman announced his retirement he told a story about how he and his son were excited about a bird they had seen over the weekend and he spent the next day at work researching what kind of bird it was. When he got home that night his wife asked how the show went and he couldn't even remember who the guests were. That was a sign to him that it was time to retire.

Yesterday at work I spent my lunch time researching a question that has nagged me for a while now: why do many yogurt companies make you mix the fruit and the yogurt together rather than just selling it all mixed together to begin with? The most logical answer I found was that because the fruit is denser it would sink to the bottom, and you'd end up having to remix anyway. I was so happy I finally had an answer. I felt I finally had a day where I accomplished something. I told one of my co-workers what I did with my lunch hour and she scrunched her face and asked, "Why did it matter?"

This could be a sign it's time for me to retire.

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The Island Cats said...

We bet the cats would love that. :)