Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Living on the Edge

The guy working on my basement called me last night and said he had smelled gas in my basement. So I called the gas company and they sent out a guy to check it out.

Turns out my carpenter has a fine nose- there was a small leak. I couldn't smell anything except fresh cut wood. Gas leaks of course are nothing to sneeze at. You occasionally will see a story where a house will explode because the gas builds up and a spark ignites it.

The boyz of course were anxious to investigate the situation and finally get back in the basement. I had to lock them upstairs. Thompson got out of my grasp and dashed downstairs. I recovered him, scolded him (one of the few times I've ever done that) and sent him upstairs with the other two.

The gas company guy put a temporary fix to stop the leak (he duct taped the area of the pipe that was leaking) and now I have to get a qualified contractor to do a more permanent fix.

Hmmm. Maybe the gas leak explains Theo's spacey behavior.


Daisy said...

A gas leak sounds very very scary! Do not play with matches around that, either. I hope you stay safe, and I am glad that the leak got discovered before it caused a terrible problem.

Gottagopractice said...

Eek! The other day I got a mailing from the gas company that included a little scratch-and-sniff patch to train you to smell the mercaptan that is added to natural gas so that we know it when we smell it. Maybe you need some training! I wonder if there is genetic variability in the ability to smell mercaptan?

Anonymous said...

Glad your carpenter found the leak before anything happened.Stay Safe :)

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh, I am glad you found the leak before something bad happened.