Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guilt Ridden

OK I'm feeling a tad guilty today. Last night I got home late at night after a long day at work. Theo was at his relentless best (or worst depending on one's perspective) letting me know in no uncertain terms he was hungry.

As I changed out of my work clothes he licked my legs. As I emptied out the litter boxes he licked my legs. When I did all I could to avoid his licking he finally gave up and began chasing Diego-san all over the place even though Diego let it be known this was not time for play.

I finally got the boyz fed and Theo promptly threw up his entire dinner in three different spots in the hallway.

I took him aside and gave him a stern lecture about how sometimes he seems so off in his own world that I don't even know if he considers our home his home; and how he needed to stop disobeying me (i.e. stop licking me when I ask him to stop); and stop bugging the other boyz when they don't want to play. I doubted any of my words got through but I barely saw him the rest of the night.

I woke up this morning and for the first time in weeks hadn't been woken up at any point during the night by Theo standing on my covers or head kneading me. I got out of bed and he was standing on the desk next to my bed that gives him a look out a window. He rarely has ever stood on the desk. I petted him and wished him a good morning and he looked straight at me with his big eyes as if to determine if I was still angry with him. I felt horrible about my outburst and let him know it came from a long long day at work.


Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh, we cats are smart. Whenever my Mum scolds me I give her the pitiful are you mad at me look. It works every time, you beans are so easy!

Ariel said...

Don't feel to bad.We cats are masters
at making your humans feel guilty.