Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Bad Habit

Because he still lacks confidence in his jumping ability even though his once injured back legs seem to work just fine when they need to, Theo doesn't so much jump up on things but rather still relies on his front legs to pull himself up on to the bed or sofa.

Likewise instead of climbing up to investigate Theo will often just try to pull an item- mail, hats, place mats, etc,- down off the table, desk, ledge that they lie on and when they are on the ground he can them sniff, lick, and paw at them to his heart's delight. Unfortunately his latest obsession is my iPhone. In the past few days if I leave the $600 item within reach and out of supervision Theo will pull it down on to the floor. I think part of his interest is in the case I bought that is some kind of rubber that protects it well from drops and falls. Still I wish Theo would leave my iPhone alone. It's a nifty little device but doesn't have much to offer for a lil kitty.

Stop it Theo.


Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Maybe Theo has some calls he would like to make and hasn't been able to because you keep reposessing the i-phone before he has finished.

I have ruined two of my Mums cell phones. I chew the little antenna's until that's it they are ruined. I have also chewed the buttons off of 3 tv remotes.

Daisy said...

I think Kellie is right, Theo just needs his own phone! I am Not Allowed to play with the iPhone either.

Ariel said...


Theo is a very handsome kitty.I broke
my mom's cell phone I don't know why us kitty's love phone.