Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whoosh 2

Continuing my theme from yesterday... Most mornings I ride my scooter to work and on the way in I'll stop at a coffee place to get my morning latte. Today was no exception.

A few months back I found a coffee cup that does not spill or leak. That is if you actually close the top. This morning I arrived at work and pulled the cup out from underneath my seat and it seemed awfully light. Sure enough the top was open and my latte was giving a good soaking to everything stored underneath my seat.


I cleaned it up as best I could but with temperatures expected to get in the high 90's today, I think I may go back out and do even more cleaning. Milk tends to get a lil stinky when it sits in hot weather for any length of time.


Daisy said...

Oh darn it! (I am allowed to say that swear word). I am sorry your latte spilt.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh, doesn't that suck! Too bad the boyz weren't at work, you could have led them out there and they would have gladly licked it up, at least I would have!