Friday, July 27, 2007

Two Buddies

This is the very first photo I saw of Diego and Thompson. This was the picture of the two that was posted on the web site of the shelter that I adopted them from.

I was looking for two cats that got along with each other well, and when I visited them in their foster home, it was clear the two of them did just that. Indeed looking back I was given a glimpse of their relationship from the moment I met them. Diego boldly came and greeted me, all but jumping up in my arms. Thompson stayed back, watching my interaction with Diego before he eventually hopped over to check me out.

I love how it seems that Thompson got a lot of his confidence back by watching and living with Diego. Diego seemingly has little fear and he'll explore whatever and wherever he is allowed to explore. Thompson is a bit more cautious and understandably so. It was his curiosity that cost him his leg- taking a step where he shouldn't have taken one.

There are good examples of how Thompson has learned by watching Diego. Since moving in Diego-san has always been a faucet drinker. He has a big ritual of hopping on the sink, and then clawing the bowl of the sink as if he has to dig down for the water. Thompson for a year and a half watched Diego, but didn't see the need to hop up on to the sink. Then one day he tried it and discovered the benefit of fresh water. He has since become fascinated by the sight of the water flowing from the tap and I think if I left it on he'd watch it for hours.

His most recent lesson learned from Diego is the pleasure of being combed. This is Diego's big moment of the night and Thompson for the longest time could tolerate being combed, but unlike Diego didn't seem to see the pleasure. The past month or so however after I'm finished combing Diego, Thompson will line up and then hop on over as if it is his turn. I think he's still not sure he enjoys the sensation of being combed but if it is important to Diego, it must be worth doing.


Daisy said...

Diego is a very good mentor for Thompson!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

OMG, that is the cutest picture of Diego and Thompson EVER. They look like such cute little guys. I agree with Daisy, Diego is a very good mentor for Thompson. I am glad they get along so well.