Monday, July 09, 2007

New Duties

I decided a couple of months back to deal with Theo's need to pull my towels off the rack and on to the floor by making him responsible for the towels being in the proper place when I get home. I told Theo I didn't care if he pulled the towels down, just that it was his job to make sure that they were hung on the racks by the time I got home.

Miraculously ever since I assigned him this specific duty I haven't found any towels on the ground when I get home. It's become a ritual that when I get home and go upstairs to change out of my work clothes, I walk by the bathroom and check on the towel status, and when I see the towels still hanging up, I pick Theo up (he always follows me up) and give him a great big hug with the proud proclamation, "THEO DID HIS JOB! YEAH THEO!"

I'm not sure if he understands any of this but as long as my towels remain off the ground, I'm perfectly willing to give him credit and praise for a job well done.

I've noticed the past few weeks that Thompson follows us up and looks at me with a wondrous look on his face as to why I give Theo this special attention. So I've decided to give Thompson a chore to do as well. Since both Diego and Theo hacked up hairballs on to my fairly new upstairs carpet this weekend- I've given Thompson the responsibility of making sure any hairballs are to be hacked up either downstairs- or in the upstairs bathroom where it's much easier to clean.

This morning the task was not successfully completed. I heard one of the boyz hack up a hair ball. I'm not entirely sure which one it was- I was too tired to get out of bed and look- but I think it might have been Thompson.

Oh well I blame myself for not fully training him on his new job duties.


Daisy said...

Learning a new job is hard. Very hard.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

I am glad you have given the boyz some chores, it is good to have responsibilities, it builds character! My chore is to great Mum at the door, precisely at 5:05.