Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Most Exciting Laundry Day Ever

Laundry day is about as exciting as it gets around this house and today was no exception.

Diego-san took his usual place underneath the fresh new sheets on my futon. He was clawing and biting while trying to follow my finger which was drawing a circle around his clump underneath the sheets. Theo jumped up on the futon and situated himself right next to Diego's clump. Diego swirled with my circling hand trying to bite at it and the motion caused Theo to bounce up and down with each movement. He looked around as if he didn't quite know what to do, what was causing him to move as if he was floating on the ocean.

Eventually he decided he'd enough and he jumped off the futon and went to sit in the safety of the nearby empty laundry basket.


Daisy said...

What a pretty picture! My sister Pixie loves to sleep on fresh laundry. I do not like it though.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

I love laundry day too. I like to hide under the sheets while Mum is making the bed and I also like to play in the laundry basket when she empties it.