Friday, July 13, 2007

A Different Week

I attended a conference all week. It was held at a hotel in a nearby suburb so I was able to wake up 15-20 minutes later than normal, and also had time to get a latte from the coffee place across the street from my house.

I think I threw the boyz's schedule off a bit especially the coffee part. I usually only get coffee from the place across the street on the weekends. And when I get back with my latte, I always give the boyz a treat (used to be Greenies, now are some healthier treat... I may have to try these Temptations that seem all the rage in the kitty community). So the boyz got a lot of treats this week.

It was nice having a week away from the office. I haven't had a day off (except for holidays) since I started my new job last January. Going to a work conference is probably as close to a vacation as I'm going to get this year- the busiest part of my job is now just gearing up.

Therefore the boyz deserved the extra treats this week because it's likely I'm not going to be home a lot in the coming months...


Daisy said...

I think Temptations are kind of like candy: very delicious, but not necessarily the most nutritious.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

You are usually a very strict treat hander-outer! My Mum gives me 6 treats each night, but then I'm not very, very, very skinny!