Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Torii is a very passionate dog. He does everything full speed and with great importance. If he wants to be underneath a blanket he rips it back with his front paws at a furious pace. If he wants to be let out of the house he'll jump up enthusiastically at the sliding glass door leading out to the backyard. He has been trained to ring a bell hanging on the wall by that door when he wants to be let out- and he'll do so persistently to make sure he's being understood.

I love that when I get home and let him out of his kennel he'll first reach up into my standing lap as if to let me know he's been energetically waiting for me all day. Then he'll tear around the house looking for that toy that he left aside when he was kenneled up hours before. His passion for life is contagious.

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shelley said...

Torii sounds very mischevious, but fun! I love pets that have alot of character, unfortunately alot of character usually means naughty : )