Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not Sure What's Going On

Theo's strange food time behavior took a turn for the worse. He refuses to eat his food from the dish that he has been using since moving in. He now wants to eat from Thompson's spot. The current arrangement has Diego and Thompson eating side by side in a two holder dish, with Theo having his own dish to the side.

The first time he tried to nudge Thompson away I picked him up and put him back in front of his dish. He would have none of that. I thought that perhaps the dish was dirty or something so I cleaned it out thoroughly. He still refused to eat food from that dish. I ended up waiting until Thompson was finished and then moved Theo's food into Thompson's dish. Whatever was the issue went away and Theo ate up all his own food.

This has continued for the past few meals. I have no idea what is going on- maybe Theo wants to join the big boyz- and eat at the big boyz dish instead of off on his own. Maybe he thinks I'm feeding Thompson something better than what he's getting. I hope this is just a phase.

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shelley said...

That's hilarious that Theo all of a sudden is unhappy with his food bowl - very funny. I always find it amazing what strong little determined personalities they have!