Thursday, February 01, 2007

Figuring Out the Great D

I think I'm beginning to understand the enigmatic Diego-san just a little bit better.

He is by far the most independent of the boyz. He'll sit on my lap but only for a short time. He is the one that spends more of his time alone than the others. He is the best example of showing the curiosity side that his species is famous for.

Yet with this independence streak he seems to be having the hardest time adjusting to my absence. I went home last night to spend the night with the boyz and Diego was right there as soon as I sat down, and by my side when I finally went to bed. I think I'm beginning to see that he likes his independence but that the flip side of that is that he craves attention too. In other words he wants to do things on his own terms but at the same time expects that his terms include getting lots and lots of attention.

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shelley said...

I think Diego San is one of those sophisticated cats that appears oh-so-cool. On the flip side I think you'll find Theo and Kellie, they have no problem looking needy and goofy : )