Friday, April 05, 2019

Our Hunter

I brought a new bag of cat food home and put it on a chair in my office instead of its final destination, a broom closet. A friend came over in the evening so after she left Diego-San was in his ultra clingy mode, demanding a spot on my lap and freedom to rub his face against mine.

I heard Theo making some noise in another room but didn’t think much of it given his love of crawling in bags and boxes and knocking over vertical things to be in a horizontal position. But soon Diego-San scampered off to see what Theo was up to and when he didn’t return and the noise suddenly turned to silence, I thought I better check out what was going on.

Theo had managed to knock the bag of food off the chair and ripped an impressive hole in the side. I didn’t know whether to scold him or praise him for his ingenuity. I chose to do both...


Mickey's Musings said...

We cats often find ways to point out why our people need to do things consistently.
Leave a bag out one time and that us what happens :) MOL!!
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Timmy Tomcat said...

Our family "hunter" is Rumpy Bump who is having his Birthday today. He will hunt out our noms and opens the bags like a pro. Dad has to immediately put them in the cat food cubby or have noms all over. Today Dad left the door open to the cubby and guess what. Rumpy was in there nomming away. Dad laughed as he was so cute in there.
Timmy and Family

Summer at said...

MOL! Yeah, you can't leave bags of food out around here either.

Denise said...

Theo was just being helpful since you had not opened the bag yet.