Thursday, June 16, 2016

Their Latest Adventure

Diego-san and Thompson had their annual visit to the vet. Neither one of them appreciated the experience. With every vet visit Thompson is getting surlier and surlier with his growling and hissing. Poor Diego-san sounded meek with his timid meowing.

Neither boy passed with flying colors although nothing serious was detected with either. Thompson was prescribed an anti-nausea medication in hopes that will help with his appetite. I mentioned Diego-san has also begun eating less and less and skipping a few meals so they did a blood test. Everything checked out normal. The vet also wanted to do a urine test and we were given two options: empty a litter box and hope Diego-san peed in it or bring him back and have them remove urine with a needle. I'm sure Diego-san would have much preferred the first option but I thought the second option was likely more realistic.

So the following day I brought Diego-san back to the vet. He indeed was a little more vocal on the ride over. We walked up to front desk and I got to say the line I practiced on the way over, "Diego-san would love to have some pee extracted." The urine test came back clean.  No steroids (or signs of anything abnormal).

As I was preparing to give Thompson his first anti-nausea pill, I noticed the box said it was for dogs.  I called the vet's office to make sure this was not a mistake and they confirmed the medication is for cats as well.  I just hope it helps Thompson eat better. I also hope he doesn't start barking.


Mickey's Musings said...

We also purr Thompson eats better with the pills and does not bark ;)
Good to hear the results were mostly good :)
Now they can all relax and have a snooze.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Bulldoggrrl said...

Those poor sweet babies! What a traumatic visit - glad it's only once a year for checkups (unless illness strikes). I send a million purrs toward Thompson and Diego-san. It breaks my heart to hear they aren't "up to par". Maybe it's the hot summer starting. In Kansas we are already having high 90's/100 degree days.
Sending love their way (for all of them!!)

Glenda from Kansas

Denise said...

Hope the two boyz start feeling better.

Katnip Lounge said...

I want video if Thompson barks!

The Baby gets prednolisone every day to calm her stomach flares and it increased her appetite immensely...I have also heard valium helps with appetite too.