Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Inside Out

For only the second time ever, Diego-san got outside the house without a leash on. I was bringing in some groceries and didn't quite latch the storm door behind me. He pushed the door open and ran out onto the lawn. We live along a fairly busy street so immediately I was concerned he might bolt out into the street. Unfortunately my immediate reaction was to yell at him, which only scared him. Fortunately he sat frozen by the steps and allowed me to approach, pick him up and bring him back into the house.

The first time he got outside was when he tore a hole in a window screen. I hadn't seen him around for a while so I took a look and noticed the hole in the screen. I ran outside and found him sitting in the window ledge trembling like a bunny as the cars passed by.

So for all his inside bravado where at least he thinks he rules (and he probably is right), thankfully he isn't quite so sure what to do outside in the big old world. He spent much of the rest of the weekend by the door howling to be let out again. I told him to talk with Thompson about how dangerous it can be outside and how he really has a pretty good life inside. (I told him in addition to the lack of regular meals, it was unlikely the rabbits and squirrels would comb him every night.)

Years back, pre-Theo, I used to bring Thompson and Diego-san outside on leashes for walks. The problem was the two tended to want to go in different directions and I was left trying to reel them both in... We then took to taking turns on who got to go outside but Thompson didn't seem all that interested in being outside again so the walks stopped although I knew Diego-san was ever so curious about everything he previously never had access to (like grass and trees).

So Sunday afternoon I dug out a leash and brought Diego-san outside. He didn't seem to know what to do with himself and went back to the door to go back inside.

Of course once back inside again he stood by the door and cried to be let out...


Unknown said...

Oh my, you are very brave Diego-San! I got out a couple of times when I was a kitten and twice since Mum and I have been living at Grandpa's house, but I just step out the door and come right back in. Even so, my Mum has a nervous breakdown.

Denise said...

No cat owner is surprised. The door is the thing.

Shaggy and Scout said...

How exciting but scary!

The Island Cats said...

Ha! It's that old adage...the grass is greener on the other side.