Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Our Routine

Before I leave for work in the morning I try to find each of the boyz to say goodbye and make sure all is good with them. The boyz know this routine and each has a go to place when they know I'm about to leave. Diego-san lies down outside the upstairs bathroom. Theo roams the living room and dining room (presumably hoping for some last chance food). Thompson is the trickiest to find. He likes to vary his locations- on my office chair; on top of the living room love seat cushions; upstairs in the tunnel near where Diego-san is; and most recently in this space underneath our oldest cat tree.


Mr Puddy said...

Nice spot, Diego-san :)
Have a great day

The Island Cats said...

Thompson likes to keep you guessing.

Bulldoggrrl said...

He does not want you to think he is too easy :)