Friday, June 14, 2013


Theo isn't so sure he's glad I'm back. Since the sitter left all three scoops of food out at one time (unlike the normal three times of day food availability) and his brothers usually don't finish their full meals, it left plenty of extra food for him to savor and enjoy.  Now things are back to normal and he's back to begging for food 24/7.


Angel MoMo said...

Poor Theo! Charlotte shares your pain. She is on a diet because the vet says she is too fat.

Thank you for coming by to share MoMo's Bridge Anniversary with us. Although we have not been blogging or visiting much, we miss and always remember our old furriends. It's been a difficult day for SS.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Sitters are so good at spoiling kitties!
I agree with you....the cloudy rainy stuff is hanging on too long. Waaay too long. I was nearly in tears when I woke up the other day and it was pouring out. Some sun these last 2 days, but nothing consistent and it looks like more rain on the way.

The Island Cats said...

Maybe the sitter could come just to feed you guys.