Saturday, December 20, 2008

Secret's Out

The boyz got their first hint that I'm not going to be around for Christmas or New Years. I hired a professional petsitter to come over and feed them and keep them company while I'm gone. She came over tonight to meet them and get all the instructions on the routine. Theo was his usual friendly self, happy to meet a new friend. Thompson surprised me by eventually coming out and greeting the sitter.

I think Diego-san figured out what all this might mean and he went sulking off to the kitchen.


Everycat said...

Diego-san will be plotting some revenge for this abandonment. He'll recruit the others too



Daisy said...

I am sorry to say this, but I think it is a little bit Wrong of you to leave the boyz alone for the holidays. You will have to buy them many, many treats and toys to make up for it. Okay?

Bunna said...

no one told me you arent gonna be around for christmas or new years!! lame!