Friday, July 28, 2006

My Choir Cat

Thompson is such a well behaved cat. I don't have a whole bunch of house rules but the ones I do enforce (no going behind the TV where there are a bunch of wires; no jumping on the kitchen table or in the kitchen sink; etc.) Thompson obeys without trying to see where the line is to cross.

He wouldn't hop on to my bed for over the first year he lived here. I'm guessing he was taught by his foster home that he wasn't allowed on the bed. On the other hand Diego had no qualms about jumping in bed with me a week after I adopted him.

The tradeoff for such good behavior is that Thompson expects me to keep to the routine- he knows when meal times are, he knows when I go clean the litter boxes every day, he knows what time I get home. He doesn't like unexpected breaks in that schedule.

The few times I have yelled at him for breaking a rule have been followed by his staying out of sight for the next few hours. Even when I scold Diego-san, Thompson seems to take it personally.

What has impressed me most the past couple of weeks is after Thompson has cleaned out his dinner bowl, he'll wait until the slowest eater, Theo is done at his dish and then he'll see if Theo has left any food on the plate. He never tries to push Theo aside, he patiently waits until Theo walks away from the dish. What a nice boy.


shelley said...

I love Thompson, he seems like such a sweetheart!

David E Maeda said...

Me too and he can be. :-)