Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

Hello! My name is Thelonious Dribble and some of you may know I’m the youngest in the house with my brothers Thompson, Diego-san and also the food fella. I feel very lucky because my housemates asked if I would do our 2011 holiday letter! Usually they don’t ask me to do anything except leave them alone… but I don’t mind because I’m up for doing anything anytime anyplace! Did I already mention anytime? For those who have never met me, come on over and visit! I love to meet new people. In the meantime the next best thing you can do is listen to the squeaky bathroom door at the food fella’s work because he said it sounds just like my MEOW! It reminds him of home where I try to follow him into the bathroom and I cry and cry until he finally opens the door!

This past year was a very special year for us because we got a tent for Christmas and the food fella made sure it was stocked with nip toys all year. There’s nothing I love more than licking my nip banana. Unless it’s licking my nip fish! Or my nip stick of dyno-mite! Sometimes Thompson or Diego-san will grab one of the toys from the tent but usually they just go away when I join them in licking the toy! Our house motto is it’s good to be licked every now and then!

Thompson is a pretty good big brother. He likes to wrestle and growl at me. He usually spends his day sleeping in the living room and sometimes I’ll even join him for a nap. But not for long. Because I’m on the go! Got things to do!

I look up to my other brother, Diego-san, a lot. And not just because when I chase him he likes to jump up somewhere I can’t jump up to! He howls and hisses at me and I know he just would love if I could jump as high as him! His are loving whaps on the top of my head!

The newest thing in our house this year was the food fella trying to learn how to play what he calls a gee-tar! It’s very loud and it’s even louder when he does what he calls singing and my brothers and I call CAT-erwalling! Diego-san sits next to him when he practices his gee-tar but Thompson and I usually stay downstairs until the racket is finally over. You think with all the time he practices he would get better. We’re all crossing our paws! (Thompson uses his back paws to cross!) If it’s not the noise from the gee-tar it’s the noise he makes telling us all about the ringing he hears in his ear. Sometimes when I sit on his chest he asks if I can hear the ringing. When I butt my head against his head I do hear the wind whistling in one ear and out the other! But that’s definitely more of a whistle then a ring though so I’m not sure I know what he’s talking about just like most other stuff.

Well I hope you liked my letter. I have to get going. I gotta look for some food or play with my brothers. Or look for some food. I hope y’all have a great holiday full of nip and fun! Oh and by the way, my food dish is empty!

Theo, Thompson, Diego-san, and DMa


Katnip Lounge said...

Theo! You and Maui have got to do lunch...and everything else in the world! You are two peas in a pod, or cats in a nest...or something.
Our Mommy is (re)learning the PEE-an-oh, if it's as bad as the gee-tar we feel for you. Well, we won't keep you, you're a busy guy!
Merry Christmas!
Trish & the Kats xx

The Island Cats said...

That was an excellent letter, Theo! Our dad-guy tries to play the gee-tar too! Fortunately, for us, he doesn't try to sing! Wally spent the day licking his new nip nanner. Now he's sleeping off a nip hangover.

We hope you and your brothers and the food fella are having a very Meowy Christmas!


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Merry Christmas to all of you! This was a terrific letter Theo! Your house sounds like a busy one. Your Food Fella is trained well that he is so attentive to your needs and keep you well stocked in nip! There is lots of chasing and jumping at our house too! Good luck to your Fella with his gee-tar! But DO keep your paws crossed for him. Have you ever told us how Thompson lost his front leg? Good job crossing the back ones Thompson!

Denise said...

Fabulous letter!