Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Super Trooper

I have to thank Diego-san for being such a great trooper through his health ordeal. I'm thankful he doesn't seem to be blaming me for all that he has had to endure.

I was the one that brought him in after some initial discomfort for a procedure that eventually led to a lot more pain. I was the one that hauled him off in the middle of the night for more pain and brought him home all drugged up and then isolated him from the rest of the house.

I'm the one who has since dragged him off to more visits to the vet. I'm the one who is forcing him to take medicine and wear a cone when I'm not around. He's developed some type of respiratory affliction that has him all stuffed up and sneezing constantly and I suppose I could be blamed for that as well because he picked up the affliction at one of his visits to the vet.

Yet through it all, he still lies next to me in bed, as close as can be and purrs and purrs. He still wants to sit on my lap in the morning for some cuddling. I maybe associated with all his discomfort from the past week and yet he has managed to absolve me from any of the blame. And I appreciate that.


Denise said...

What you are describing is exactly what foster caregivers dread when dealing with a sick shy foster kitty. They don't really trust anyone yet and then the person they are supposed to be learning to trust takes them to the vet, squirts medicine or slides pills into their throats. Diego has a history of trust with you and he's relying on that.

Tiki & Kirby (& sometimes Kesey) said...

You're a good Daddy and he knows that. Sending more purrs for his speedy recovery and fro Thompson to eat more.

Cat with a Garden said...

Mom says she knows how you feel. When my sisfur Siena once hurt her eye she had to give her an ointment in the eye AND pills. It was terrible for her when after some days of treatment Siena would actually run away from her. Diego will forget all about it after a short period of time. The most important thing is that he heals completely now.
Many purrs, Chilli

The Island Cats said...

That is what's cool about us cats...we don't hold grudges because we know deep down whatever you do it's because you love us...

We hope Diego-san is doing better now.