Monday, January 05, 2009

Catching Up

While I was out carousing last week here is the report of the boyz activity from their sitter(s):

12/26: The boys were a little surprised to see me walk through the door instead of you. They were so hungry though that they didn't care too much. I don't think I've seen house cats eat quite so fast before! After they'd eaten Diego was the only one brave enough to actually hang out with me.

12/27: Today was much less stressful for the boys. No one greeted me at the door and it took till the third scoop of cat food was filled before Thompson arrived followed shortly by Theo. Diego was nowhere to be found until I went down to scoop the boxes. I heard a meow above me and there he was perched on top of the frame work! All three have been much more affectionate today.

12/28: Well Diego certainly knows how to get what he wants doesn't he? Thompson and I were doing a little bonding when Diego just marched right up, pushed Thompson aside, climbed up on to my shoulder and started rubbing my head. Not shy at all!

12/29: The boys were all over me today. Theo wouldn't even eat until I picked him up and gave him a thorough snuggling. They are obviously starting to miss you.

12/30: I gave the kitties all a good brushing today. You weren't kidding about Diego liking it. He went nutty! The other guys enjoyed it too but not like Diego did!

12/31: Everyone was surprised to see someone new walk in, though they warmed up to me right away. Diego was the most friendly and we spent time playing. Theo asked for some loving before leaving to eat. Thompson just kept his distance.

-Rick and Cherie


Daisy said...

It sure sounds like Diego is the ringleader for the boyz!

MoMo said...

Oh gee, your Boyz are so friendly! It takes me a long time to warm to any other human if my SS is not around to introduce me to them and even then I am not too keen to be touched.

Everycat said...

Rick and Cherie must be very fine cat sitters indeed!