Friday, November 28, 2008


Thompson and I were taking a nap and watching TV in the lower level when we heard a crash come from somewhere upstairs. I got up to investigate.

Here's what I was able to piece together: Apparently Theo was chasing Diego-san and like so many of their chases it ended with Diego-san hopping up someplace higher than Theo can jump. He apparently hopped up into the cupboard where I store my dishes, glasses, cups, and coffee mugs. Diego managed to knock two glasses out of the cupboard and onto the kitchen countertop below. But he managed to do this without shattering or even breaking the glass.

Note to self: Leave the doors to that cupboard closed from now on.


Ana said...

wow, without breaking the glass?! that was awesome, Diego!

Everycat said...

Top quality delicate non-destruction technique there Diego!