Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Honey

One of my top three favorite singer/songwriters released a new CD Tuesday. The boyz and I are listening to Lucinda Williams' "Little Honey" right now. I'm quite enjoying it- it's very unusual to hear Lucinda sing some happy songs.

I bought the CD through Amazon. One of the big disadvantages of buying new music from Amazon is that they don't ship the CD until the day before or on the day it is officially released- meaning you don't receive it until days after you could have gotten it if you hadn't been lazy and had gotten your tushie off the sofa and scampered on down to your favorite neighborhood CD store.

When I saw the Amazon box sitting inside my doorway I knew immediately what it was and was quite excited to hear new Lucinda Williams' songs. I opened the door and right on cue Theo greeted me as I said, "Hey buddy, my lil honey, we got 'Little Honey!'"

Oh the laughs we have.

I can't wait to see Lucinda when she plays here next week...

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Moki Joe Designs said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your new CD. I will have to check her out...