Friday, August 31, 2007

Major Squabble

Something severe happened between Thompson and Theo last night and I'm not quite sure what went down.

I was upstairs on the phone checking in on a friend who is really struggling. I heard a piercing yelp and scream downstairs. I hadn't heard such a sound before and I didn't know which one of the boyz was the one calling out. I saw Diego at the edge of the stairs so I knew it wasn't him. I went downstairs and saw Thompson standing underneath the living room coffee table and Theo standing nearby making the horrible squealing sound.

I tried to check to see if he was in some kind of pain but he hissed at me (a first). I went over to Thompson and he growled. This continued for several minutes until Theo let me pick him up. I put him back down and the confrontation continued.

Diego meandered in and I was glad to see him as he got close to both Thompson and Theo and they didn't react. Some time passed and Theo continued squealing in a way that he has never done before. After about twenty minutes or so all things passed and things returned to normal.

I praised Diego for his calming presence only to notice he had ripped a huge hole in the kitchen window screen while all this was happening.

Hopefully Thompson and Theo's rift wasn't so severe that it will be an ongoing long term thing...

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Daisy said...

That sounds like a very scairty event! I hope all is fine now.