Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Great Rubber Band Hunter

Days after Diego-san moved into the house I noticed all the rubber bands were disappearing. Inevitably I'd find Diego off somewhere chewing on one. i thought to myself, 'this isn't good, wouldn't want him swallowing or choking on a rubber band,' so I hid them all.

I usually get a rubber band wrapped around my morning newspaper so I have to make an effort to remember not to just put it down anywhere. Whenever I do forget, Diego quickly finds it and starts to chew on it.

It's probably been over a year since I slipped up and left a rubber band lying around. This morning I put my morning newspaper rubber band far back on the kitchen counter on top of a coffee mug cover. It was almost as if I was testing Diego, thinking it's been a long time, and this is so out of the way he can't possibly hunt it down.

Sure enough when I got home there were cups knocked over on the counter and the rubber band was lying in the kitchen sink. I must admit, I'm darned impressed.

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Daisy said...

Diego is a good hunter AND he has a good memory. My Mommie used to have a Siamese cat that was obsessed with rubber bands! When one was on a newspaper, he would pluck and pluck and pluck at it, and it would make funny music.