Friday, August 10, 2007

The Fourth Boy

This is the fourth member of my boyz- Bucky the Betafish. Bucky lives on my desk at work.

Earlier this summer a big old pickup truck knocked my scooter over in the parking lot of a restaurant. Part of the damage was my left rear view mirror was broken off. I finally got the mirror replaced a couple of days ago. I brought the knocked off mirror into my office and put it in front of Bucky's tank. Betafish apparently get quite feisty around other betafish and sure enough, Bucky puffed up bigger than a drunk's swollen eyelids. I'd bet anything Bucky could take that fish in the mirror.


Daisy said...

Bucky sounds very brave! Does he get to eat little BLOOD worms?

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Bucky is very cute - too bad he can't meet your at home boyz!

David E Maeda said...

No blood worms. Just stinky fishy food.